Frequently Asked QUestions


Do you accept credit cards?

Absolutely, Jeff Gillooley.  Cash, credit, authentic Spanish Pieces of Eight, autographed pictures of HGTV's Genevieve Gorder, and sets of rims that keep spinning when you stop are all accepted as valid currency at the Winnebeergo.  

Can I Bring My Kids, Dog, or Mother-in-Law?

YES!  Everyone is welcome at the beer garden!  We have root beer for kids, as well as a kids option on the food truck menu.  They can run around at the park while you enjoy a beer and adult conversation, guilt-free.

Dogs must be leashed, and aggressive mother-in-laws must be muzzled.

I'm pretty good at drinking beer. What else is there to do at the beer garden?

We have bags (cornhole), giant jenga, sidewalk chalk (please stop drawing chalk outlines in the parking lot and splattering them with ketchup), giant connect four (although our lawyer says we have to say "four in a row" due to copyrights), giant checkers, and Hammerschlagen!

If there is a big game on, we usually bring out the projector and show the game.

How much will this all set me back?

16 oz craft beers run $6 each, root beers and water $2.  Food ranges from $2.50 up to $12.50, depending on the vendor and meal.  There is always a special running, so make sure to ask!

Since you can bring your kids, no need to pay a babysitter, so you're coming out ahead!

I enjoy drinking beer, but I also enjoy philanthropy. How can I mix the two?

We've got you covered, our beer-consuming, money-donating friend!  A portion of all the money goes directly to non-profits such as the Pewaukee Park & Rec (Parktoberfest), or to the Pewaukee Lake Ski Team (Thursday evenings).

Last year, in our inaugural year, we raised over $5,000 for the Village parks in just 8 short weekends.

Do you guys do weddings / funerals / bar mitzvahs / baptisms / divorce parties / kids 7th birthdays

Yes!  Although our dates are filling up fast.  Drop us a message at or through various social media to discuss dates and packages.  We can provide packages that range from just the equipment to a full-turnkey operation.